The Importance Of a Regular Gutter Cleaning Schedule

How often do you think about your home’s gutter system? It is probably infrequently if at all, especially if there has never been a problem with your gutters. While they are reliable year after year even without inattention for some homeowners, it is imperative that you do pay attention to their upkeep. Here is what you need to know about taking care of your gutters.

What Does a Gutter Need to Be Well-Maintained?

A home’s gutter system is not a self-cleansing or self-repairing system. There is a degree of service required. Regular maintenance can help a homeowner avoid costly problems, but proper installation is also a must. The trick is to create a yearly cleaning schedule that you can follow.

How Often Should Gutters Be Cleaned?

Gutters need to be cleaned at least twice a year, every year. You can find low cost gutter cleaning company in your area to do the job for you, of course. Many homeowners choose to go this route over doing the work themselves to ensure it will be done properly. Professional gutter cleaners have the the necessary equipment to do the job correctly and safely. This includes a good, sturdy ladder capable of reaching the topmost eaves of the house.

What Does Cleaning a Gutter Entail?

Low cost gutter cleaning services can be convenient for people who are short on time, supplies, or confidence in their skills. Other homeowners prefer to perform all maintenance tasks themselves. In either case, the cleaning requirements remain the same. All debris that has accumulated in the gutter will need to be removed.

The simplest method is to place a tarp at the base of the ladder and simply scrape the gunk out as you move down the pipes. It is a good idea to also flush the pipes out with water to check for leaks. Little problems will turn into bigger ones if not addressed early. It is better to fix a little leak in the spring, than it is to wait for it to turn into a big leak during heavy winter rains.

What Problems Can Arise From Gutter Problems?

Clogged gutters, improperly installed gutters, and leaky gutters can cause all types of problems. In fact, clogged gutters are cited as the number one cause of basement flooding and other water problems. How? A single gallon of rain weighs about eight pounds. A single inch of rainfall in the summer can bring down up to 1500 gallons upon a roof. An improper drainage system, whether from leaks or clogs, will quickly divert all that water to unwanted areas.

When planning the regular maintenance jobs for a home, it is important to not neglect one’s gutter system. The cleaning itself is not difficult, but getting to the area to be cleaned certainly can be. Finding a low cost gutter cleaning service near you could make the task simpler.

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