The Importance of Weed Control in Spring Temperatures

Weed control

It is simple to keep up with weeds when you are able to complete gardening tasks every week. However, once weeds get out of control, they become almost impossible to handle. This is common after a long winter, like the one many U.S. states have been experiencing. You are likely to go many months without lawn care and when spring comes, you are left with overgrown weeds and dull and damaged grass. You may be tempted to put off your weed control services, however, this can cause a wide array of additional problems that affect both your yard and your house.

Weeds can grow around electrical lines
Weeds grow extremely fast. You can put them off just for a couple of weeks and be left with a garden that is entirely taken over by weeds. Once it gets this out of control, it can be difficult even for professional weed control services to control it. The weeds can grow tall and wrap themselves around exterior electrical lines. Eventually, this can become a fire hazard and can cut out the electrical in the house. If you require electrical services on your electrical lines, it can be almost impossible for the workers to get to the line.

Increase in bees
Bees and tall vines and weeds seem to go together. The overgrowth of the weeds gives the bees a great feeding ground and you can see a signification increase in bee populations in your yard. Although a few bees are expected during the warmer months, you are likely to notice an overwhelming amount. This can be dangerous to you and the other residents living in your house, especially if anyone is allergic to a bee sting. Professional bee control may be needed to control the bee problem after weed control is handled.

Increase in rodents
You have probably noticed that when home?s fail to care for their lawns, there is an increase in rodents. The same thing goes for high weeds. Rodents look for a hidden place to reproduce and tall weeds is the perfect breeding ground. A couple weeks of neglected weeds can cause rats, snakes, and roaches. Weed control services may have a harder time controlling the weeds when they are overtaken by these different types of rodents.

Rodents are especially troublesome because they can also move into the house, causing further damage. It is estimated that 25% of all fires attributed to unknown causes are probably by rodents gnawing on gas lines, electrical wiring and matches. You would also be surprised at how easily rodents can enter the house. Rats can enter structures through one half inch holes and mice through one fourth inch holes.

Termite populations
Termites are also common in poorly maintained lawns and weeds. However, the termites do not remain in the overgrown weeds for long. Instead, they make their way into the structure of the home, feeding off of the wood. They also populate in high numbers. Over just a couple of days you will not only have a high number of termites, but you are also likely to have extremely damaged house structures as well. In an average year, termites are responsible for $1 billion to $2 billion in property damage. Termites are also pretty much impossible to control on your own. You will have to hire a commercial pest control services company, followed by the weed control services to prevent them from returning.

After the snow melts in the Midwestern and northern states, many homeowners are left with rough looking lawns. You may put off your spring lawn care duties for a couple of weeks. This, however, can be a huge mistake. This provides the perfect weather and opportunity for weeds to grow quickly, taking over your electrical lines and providing the perfect living environment for rodents, bugs, and termites. If the weeds are not handled from here, the nuisance rodents and bugs will move into the house, and you will even more problems.

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