Want to Make a Greenhouse? Three DIY Home Ideas

Diy weekend projects

This year, about 43 million people will roll up their sleeves and attempt some DIY home improvement. There are a lot of benefits to doing home DIY. You can increase the value of your home, improve living spaces, feel proud of your work, and save money that would otherwise be spent in installations and building fees. Are you looking for DIY weekend projects? Here are three ideas you just might enjoy.

1. Make a Greenhouse

Blending urban with rural living is quite in vogue today, and not surprisingly, so are greenhouses of various sizes. Some creative builders have made small home greenhouses out of old storm windows, while others have built small frame greenhouses from softwood and plastic sheeting. For those who lack a backyard, tiny greenhouses can be build for the indoors in order to provide some healthy vegetables, fruit, or just beautiful flowers and plants. A sunroom is a great place to assemble a miniature home greenhouse.

2. Garden decorations

There are several easy home projects that will instantly add a spark without taking too long, or too much effort, to complete. One example of a fun outdoor project is using upside down painted bowls in order to make giant mushrooms. Take a large bowl, then paint it red with large white spots on the outside. Drive a large, sturdy, straight stick into the ground of your garden, and adhere the bowl to the top. You can create a grouping of whimsical giant mushrooms this way. Another idea is to make an outdoor game of tic tac toe. Place nine square stones in three rows of three, then paint smaller stones with X and O.

3. Spruce up your paint

Looking for ways to add a little interest to your walls? Try painting just your ceilings, or apply a coat of metallic finish to add depth and texture to rooms for easy home projects. Be careful during your DIY, though. Every year, about 250,000 Americans have to go to the emergency room after falling from ladders and stools.

Do you have any DIY tips you would like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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