2 Things To Check If Air Conditioning Is Not Cooling

The central air conditioner is making noise but not blowing out any cool air. Here are two things homeowners can check before calling air conditioner services, as recommended by The Air Of Authority.

Check on the Air Filter

Air filters should be changed every 90 days. They need to be the correct size because smaller filters can become ripped apart. Debris from the torn filter gets stuck inside the central air conditioning unit and damages it.

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Even if the filter is the right size, an excessively dirty filter blocks airflow. Changing the filter may be all the fix a central air conditioner needs.

Check the Outdoor Unit

Make sure the outdoor unit, also called a condensing unit, is free of debris. Make sure nearby plants aren’t growing so thickly that they touch or get inside the unit. All plants need to be at least two feet away from the air conditioner unit’s sides and at least six feet away from the unit’s top. It is normal for hot air to come out of the top of the unit. Next, check the sides of the unit where a grid of thin horizontal openings is. Make sure these openings are not clogged with dirt, insect nests, plant seeds, or other debris.

If the outdoor filter and outdoor unit are fine, then it is time to call professional air conditioning services.

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