How To Save Money On Your Heating, Cooling And Water Bills This Year

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Heating and cooling is a staple in most American homes. It’s a necessity to weather whatever weather throws our way, from the blistering temperatures characterized by summer to the shivering temperature drops once the leaves fall. Unfortunately, despite this being a common addition to nearly all households, this is also one of the most notable price issues the country is facing. Simply put? Air conditioning is expensive. When you want to keep living comfortably but want to save some vital bucks month by month, there are a few options available out there to help you achieve a happy balance no matter the season.

Water And Usage

Water is used every day. Cooking, cleaning and washing all add up to an element of the home that can truly rack up some impressive prices. How Continue reading “How To Save Money On Your Heating, Cooling And Water Bills This Year”

Premium Strand Bamboo Flooring An Eco-Friendly Choice for Every Room in Your House

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If you’re looking for an eco-friendly type of flooring, have you considered bamboo? It is considered to be a sustainable flooring choice because just 16% to 20% of each bamboo crop is harvested at a time. This leaves over 80% of the remaining bamboo forest intact. Furthermore, since it grows much faster than other types of potential flooring materials, it is more readily available and easily replenished.

Janka Ratings for Bamboo and Other Flooring Materials

Bamboo flooring has a higher Janka, or hardness, rating than other types of flooring materials. This means that it can withstand more activity within your home, such as foot traffic and furniture rearranging, without being susceptible to denting.

While Carbonized Solid Strand Bamboo has an average Janka hardness rating of 3 Continue reading “Premium Strand Bamboo Flooring An Eco-Friendly Choice for Every Room in Your House”

Great Tips For Modern Home Decor

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In today?s modern age, when you think of home decor if you?re contemplating a sleeper sofa, sleek all white sideboard, and some cutter height bar stools in you interior decorating them you?re not doing it right. Modern furniture like the ones you see at a modern furniture gallery are a staple and a must for home decor. The look is meant to give your house a sleek and simple look without making look too boring.

Of course it’s not just as simple as just walking into a store and going through their modern furniture gallery to pick something out of thin air. You need somethi Continue reading “Great Tips For Modern Home Decor”