4 Reasons to Replace Your Garden Hose This Year

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Hoses serve many purposes in a residential setting. You likely use your hose multiple times throughout the year. Yet, you may have never considered upgrading or purchasing a more efficient hose. When you make the decision to finally replace and upgrade your current hose, you will find many improvements to your household tasks that require a water source. Upgraded hoses provide the following benefits.

Increase efficiency and reduce water bills
If you have had your current hose for many years, it is likely that it is outdated and uses much more water than it should. You can usually tell how efficient your hose is by paying attention to your water bill around the same time you increase your hose usage. If there is a significant increase, you may want to upgrade it. Specific a Continue reading “4 Reasons to Replace Your Garden Hose This Year”

Give Your House the Whole Home Water Treatment System It Needs

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Water is life. It is something that we simply cannot do without. It seems that such a basic need would be considered a basic human right and therefore, in this day and age, we would have figured out a way for everyone to have easy access to clean, usable water. However this is sadly not the case, and not only in far off places that too many people are able to put out of their minds simply because such situations are out of sight, but Americans can find water issues in the very country that they call home, sometimes much closer than you might think.

From the ongoing Flint water crisis to the fight against the dangers threatening clean water at Standing Rock, this basic human right that everyone should have is up against quite a lot.

Whole home water treatment syst Continue reading “Give Your House the Whole Home Water Treatment System It Needs”

Layers- Keeping All Parts of the Home Healthy

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A home might seem simple but it’s an immensely complicated thing. It’s an intricate piece of equipment that needs to be kept safe and accessible for anyone living within it, whether they be friends, family or pets. There are innumerable little parts, pipes, floors, stoves, beds, that all need to be taken into account when taking general care of a home. Don’t let this be overwhelming. You can absolutely take care of a home by (metaphorically) breaking the task into layers and sorting each one out one at time. The following list goes in descending order, from highest point to lowest point, and discusses the different points you’ll want to focus on while taking care of your home. By following some of these tips, you’ll be able to keep every part of any apartment or house well-maintained, fr Continue reading “Layers- Keeping All Parts of the Home Healthy”

5 Tips to Help You Avoid Refrigerator Repairs


No one wants to have to deal with any kind of appliance repairs. They can be pricy. In 2014, consumers would spend between $254 to $275 to make refrigerator repairs or dishwasher repairs. It has been estimated that about 28% of refrigerators that have a bottom or top ice makers will break down within three to four years. That number climbs to 36% for side by side refrigerators. The good news is that there are steps you can take to keep your refrigerator in tip top shape.

  1. Make it a point to clean your condenser coils. Problems with the condenser coils cause a lot of the need for refrigerator repairs. You will find the coils at the back or Continue reading “5 Tips to Help You Avoid Refrigerator Repairs”

Three Possible Remodel Options For Those Wishing To Renovate Their Homes


Each year, thousands of people decide to remodel their homes. There are many advantages to making renovations. For one thing, remodeling can make your home more livable on a basic level; the more your home looks the way you want it to, the more comfortable you’ll be in your home. Renovations can also add a lot of value to a property — while you might not think you’re going to sell your home anytime soon, it’s always a good idea to keep its value as high as possible. With that being said, lots of people buy homes with the express purpose of remodeling and selling them. A redesign can be a tall orde Continue reading “Three Possible Remodel Options For Those Wishing To Renovate Their Homes”