Layers- Keeping All Parts of the Home Healthy

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A home might seem simple but it’s an immensely complicated thing. It’s an intricate piece of equipment that needs to be kept safe and accessible for anyone living within it, whether they be friends, family or pets. There are innumerable little parts, pipes, floors, stoves, beds, that all need to be taken into account when taking general care of a home. Don’t let this be overwhelming. You can absolutely take care of a home by (metaphorically) breaking the task into layers and sorting each one out one at time. The following list goes in descending order, from highest point to lowest point, and discusses the different points you’ll want to focus on while taking care of your home. By following some of these tips, you’ll be able to keep every part of any apartment or house well-maintained, from the windows to the floor. All it takes is a little caution and care.

    Starting at the Top
    The highest point of any home is, of course, the roof. But the roof is no simple thing. It has to bear a large part of the home’s burden, from wind to rain to sun. You have to keep the most sheltering section of your shelter healthy, right? Make sure you know your commercial roof types to know what kind of roof you have. Once you know that, be sure to keep on your roof repair. Dirt and corrosive materials can build up between shingles and slats and really hurt your roof in the long run. Roof repair cost is lower than you might think, so be sure to get any roofing companies in your area in for an inspection at least once a year. Next to the roof, the gutters are also an area that you’ll want to pay attention to. Because they can be subject to intense wind and rain (depending on where you live) gutters are often the first object to break in the higher area of the home. Likewise, repairing gutters, like repairing a roof, can be a bit of pain depending on the location and age of your home. Fortunately, this can be mitigated by just staying vigilant and getting your gutters inspected once or twice a year. Stay on top of all matters concerning your gutters and roofs and you’ll never have to worry.
    The Body
    Moving a little lower, the body of a home contains all of the livable space. The rooms, the windows, the siding, etc. Homes, especially homes with older windows and vinyl siding, are more susceptible to drafts which can increase energy bills. You’ll want to make sure your home is sealed up tight during the winter and ventilated properly in the summer. You can do this by purchasing double-pane windows that are far more energy efficient than single-pane. Consider getting the siding of your home and inspected and refurbished every couple years as well. Like roof repair, this isn’t nearly as expensive as it sounds. It can be done quite easily and with low risk to the structure of your home. If the option is available, you can even purchase low-grade solar panels to install on the sides or ceiling of your house. This might be more difficult for rent-controlled apartments but it can done, within rules and restrictions. These will save energy and decrease spending, especially if new siding or new windows is out of financial reach. There are plenty of ways to take care of the midsection of a home if you take moment to think outside the box.
    Down Below
    It can be easy to forget but the basement, if you have a basement, is also crucial to maintain. It is, after all, the foundation of the house. The feet on which the entire home stands. Be sure to seal it up tight and not let any water or burrowing creatures in. If it’s feasible, you can even furnish it and add extra living or storage space. Make sure it’s healthy for the people living in your home as well. No asbestos or radon leaking in. Safety comes first, in all things.

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