3 Important Pieces of Purge Equipment for Welders

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Many welders know the importance of properly purging equipment. Purging is done in order to ensure an area is protected while contents are being removed or added. In many cases, a vast majority of the 500,000 welders employed throughout the United States will need to work on purging equipment at one time or another. It’s understandable to wonder about which types of purging equipment for welding are going to be needed. With that in mind, here are three important pieces of purge equipment to utilize during this very important task.

  1. Oxygen Indicator

    These monitors allow someone to easily keep track of important measurements. You’ll find that there are a wide variety of purge monitors available. It’s important to choose purging equipment that is easily readable, especially while in use. These devices are made to measure oxygen levels in areas that have been purged.
  2. Purge Paper

    One important piece of purge equipment is purge paper. This paper is water soluble which mean it can be dissolved in water. It’s imperative to utilize purge paper when considering that these items will often need to be placed where liquids are present. You’ll want to ensure that you’re utilizing the right sized purge paper before applying these items.
  3. Aluminum Tape

    The earliest welding on record took place around 3,5000 B.C. Since these times, welders have been able to utilize inventions that help make their work more efficient and effective. One popular invention that has helped welders for many years is aluminum tape. This kind of type is often used for creating a seal between the ends of multiple pipes. Statistics show that over 50% of the products made throughout the United States require some form of welding. With that in mind, it’s wise to ensure that you always have this important purging equipment for welding on hand.

In closing, there are several important pieces of purge equipment that you’ll want to ensure your workers have while completing this task. You’ll want to ensure that you’re utilizing an oxygen indicator. These indicators are utilized to ensure that oxygen levels are accurately measured in areas that have been purged. You’ll want to have purge paper that is specially made to dissolve in liquids. Aluminum tape is often used by welder during the purging process to create an effective seal between multiple pipes.

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