3 Surprising Reasons Why Your Thermostat Isn’t Working

Reliable heating and air

Having a programmable thermostat for our heating and air conditioning systems is one of the best ways to ensure system efficiency and better regulate the temperature within our homes. In fact, having a programmable thermostat can save an incredible $180 per year by reducing the amount of energy your heating and cooling units consume.

So when your thermostat appears to be broken, it can be highly frustrating for anyone. However, you might not need to replace your thermostat right away, depending on the cause of the problem.

Could your thermostat be broken or malfunctioning due to a reason you can’t detect? Here’s a look at the top three most surprising reasons why thermostats fail to function:

Improper placement

It might not seem like the location of your thermostat would pose a problem, but improper placement can cause your thermostat to stop working properly on occasion. Never install your thermostat in direct sunlight or next to windows and doors — this can result in inaccurate temperature readings, throwing your system out of balance.

Insufficient maintenance and repair

When you’re having your yearly heating and cooling maintenance performed, your inspectors should be checking your thermostat to ensure proper function and give it a tune-up. The simple act of keeping your thermostat dirt and dust-free will help its functionality tremendously.


In some cases, your thermostat might not be functioning because you invested in an advanced model that requires you to tinker and fiddle with its settings when you really wanted a basic device. Many people don’t want to waste hours on learning how to use their thermostat. By evaluating your own usage habits and preferences, you can find a thermostat that works better for you and your home.

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