3 Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

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Summer is in full tilt currently, which means that if you were putting off some home repairs to keep cooler, you’re surely feeling it now. Don’t wait another minute to update your home for the warmer weather. Below are a few ways to make sure your home meets “ice palace” standards in a way that Disney would be proud of:

1. Add Air Conditioning
Over 100 million people nation wide have air conditioner equipped homes, and when taking a breath outside feels like drinking a hot cup of tea, who can blame them? While it is true that air conditioners suck up a lot of energy, the technology has changed drastically over the past 40 years. Many air conditioners now are energy efficient and have Energy Star certifications, and reduce power usage by up to 50% while producing the same amount of air as old models! Furthermore, if you already have a few air conditioners that have bit the dust, an air conditioner repair service can help update your systems and complete all necessary air conditioner repairs for much cheaper than it might cost to buy new systems. (And let’s be real, if you have to go through another week like this one, you might start asking yourself what’s cheaper: a central air conditioner, or the ambulance bill after a heart attack).

2. Open The Pool
Some people say that having a pool is as much responsibility as having a child. While this is probably true, we definitely think a pool is about as rewarding as any bundle of joy during these summer months. If you haven’t yet, make sure to clean out your pool and chemically treat the water for sanitation. We also recommend a pool heater installation if you live near the coast or in a place with stark night time temperature drops, so that you and your guests can enjoy a dip at all hours. (And if your pool heater is busted–you guessed it, pool heater repair is a thing. If you need a pool heater repair estimate, we recommend contacting an experienced HVAC company who will likely have all the tools and expertise you need for pool heater repair jobs on hand; no waiting, DIY headaches, or special ordering parts from Ebay that come broken).

3. Be Smart About Ventilation
You would be surprised how much your curtains, roof, and window treatments effect the temperature of your home. When possible, choose cool, reflective colors for your blinds or curtains and take the time to air out your house with a cross breeze any time the air outside feels like moving at all. Also, consider reflective panels for the roof to help abate any unwanted heat absorption.

Please let us know how your cooling initiatives go in the comments! Company recommendations are always welcome as well.

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