4 Reasons Why You Need To Install A Fence Now!

Privacy fence screen

Fences are an important part of both residential and countryside life, with their purposes extending beyond what many imagine. Both practical and decorative, a good fence can serve to protect and accent a home. Before you call your commercial fence contractors about what kind of fence you’re looking for, here are a few facts about fencing.

1. There Are Many Different Types Of Fencing

One of the most popular and practical fence styles is a privacy fence, which gives you the security of knowing that your property is safe while not sacrificing on appearance; in fact, 80-90% of fence applications are for privacy fences. Though many associate a privacy fence with utilitarianism, many designs, such as a bamboo privacy fence, allow for a pleasant appearance along with your peace of mind. Decorative fence types are becoming increasingly popular as well, projecting the homeowner’s personal taste to visitors. However, traditional options like a chain link fence remain good choices for those looking for simplicity.

2. Fencing Is Surprisingly Affordable

Don’t let cost hold you back from getting the fence you want. These days, commercial fence contractors offer competitive rates, making professional fencing a much better alternative to seemingly-cheaper do-it-yourself projects. In fact, pressure-treated fence posts often cost only $10 a piece!

3. Fences Offer Great Returns On Your Investments

Did you know that good aluminum fences, can offer a return of 65% on your original investment? If you do choose to someday sell your home, the addition of a fence often increases its value. While decorative fences improve the appearance of your property, practical fences let the potential buyers know that one task is already taken care of before they move in. Ultimately, an investment in a fence can help you make money.

4. Fences Aren’t The Only Outdoor Additions Offered

Many commercial fence contractors offer outdoor additions that will make your new fence look even better, enhancing the overall quality of your yard. These may include all season gazebos, which provide the perfect spots for rest and relaxation. You can also choose from chantilly screened porches, wooden decks, or patios, creating perfect areas for entertaining.

There’s nothing stopping you from creating the home of your dreams, especially with so many landscaping and lawn options available. A beautiful outdoor addition — and in particular a fence — is the icing on the cake. It’s not just something you “have” to do; it’s a way to express yourself!

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