5 Summer Projects You Need to Hire Handyman Repair Services For

Handyman repair services

Summer is the season for home repair and remodeling projects, from installing a new roof to doing some simple redecorating. But you’re probably already finding that you have less time for home improvement projects than you’d like — or that you’d rather spend your limited time doing something else. In that case, handyman repair services may be your best option. What is a handyman qualified to do? That list is extensive, but here are five example projects you might consider hiring a handyman for this summer:

  1. Installing an AC Unit

    Getting beat by the heat? Although you might need an HVAC specialist for a complex central air system, a regular handyman will be more than capable of installing a simple AC unit so you and your family can keep cool.

  2. Patching and Painting

    Whether it’s inside or outside, a handyman can patch up any damage done by furniture, wall hangings, kids or winter weather and then put on a fresh coat of paint. Especially if the work area is relatively small, you’ll probably get a better price from a handyman for this type of project than you would from a painter.

  3. Re-Tiling the Kitchen or Bath

    Lots of homeowners plan to tackle some modest kitchen and bath remodeling only to find out that laying tile isn’t as easy as it looks on TV (especially if you don’t have the right tools). But a handyman can get that new backsplash or tub surround up in no time at all.

  4. Cleaning Out Gutters

    If you still haven’t cleaned out your gutters from the winter, you need to do it ASAP before summer thunderstorms leave your house with tons of water damage. And by hiring a handyman, you can stay safely on the ground.

  5. Sealing the Driveway or Patios

    Summer is the best time of year to deal with outdoor maintenance that needs to be done every once in a while, such as sealing your driveway or concrete patios. This will extend their lifetime and protect them in the harsher seasons to come.

Why else might a homeowner opt to hire handyman repair services? Join the discussion in the comments.

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