A new alternative to hardwood flooring? Bamboo!

Hardwood floors are out! Not that hardwood flooring is actually out, not even close to out in fact. Considering that in 2017, the sales of flooring went for $21,990 billion dollars hardwood flooring is not even close to being out of style. However, your typical hardwood has a new makeover that may just interest you! If you’re tired of the same old flooring on every surface of your house than perhaps it is time to look for something new. Bamboo hardwood should be your new choice of flooring for your home today. Not convinced? Don’t think bamboo constitutes as a hardwood floor? Well let’s take a look at the question of: Is bamboo a hardwood and why is it a better choice than your typical hardwood flooring.

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional hardwood floors than bamboo flooring is the type of flooring you need to try out. As opposed to typical hard wood bamboo flooring is more durable. It can take what is thrown at it far easier than any normal hardwood flooring can. If you’re a person who is really hard on their floors or have young children who seem to think that the floors are their jungle gym than perhaps it’s time to look into bamboo and to get serious about making the change to this type of wood in order to safe yourself some grief of worry.

Still wondering that age old question? Is bamboo a hardwood? Well consider this, where traditional hardwood trees can take upwards of twenty years to mature into the flooring you need it for, bamboo is much faster and there for you can harness more from it for plenty more flooring options. Rather than depleting your flooring options of hardwood and having to wait for the trees to re go, making more floors out of bamboo strength trees would be an easier time on the environment. Who could complain about eco-friendly material being used for their floors?

More options than your typical hardwood flooring! Unlike traditional hardwoods, bamboo flooring comes in many more styles for those who like to design their homes right down to their flooring. If you like steel gray color finish or gray bamboo floors or even have a preference for which way the flooring fits together than bamboo flooring is the type for you to customize and pick out. Don’t keep settling for a floor that you aren’t happy with while you can practically design one that you’re thrilled with. With so many options as to how your bamboo flooring can go there’s an option for everyone.

Easier to put down their your traditional flooring. While hardwood floors have to be carefully treated and everything else when you put them into place, these bamboo flooring options are perfect for do-it-yourselfers who like to take on projects and complete them all on their own. If you’re looking for a project for your home that you can customize and create and you don’t want it to be your traditional flooring than bamboo is what you need to go with.

These durable and resilient flooring options shouldn’t have you asking: is bamboo a hardwood. Instead, they should have you going out to buy them and see if yourself instead when you start installing them and putting them down in your home. Buy bamboo flooring and learn the benefits of ditching that old traditional hardwood flooring today. Also know that when you do this you’re even saving the environment from losing even more of their beautiful trees. Go with bamboo flooring, it’s a perfect alternative to the normal boring hardwood floors.

Don’t stop to ask yourself the question of: Is bamboo a hardwood? again!

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