Appliances a Repair Man May Work On

Cincinnati appliance

There are many Cincinnati appliances that need a Cincinnati appliance repair service. Some Cincinnati appliances just need Cincinnati appliance parts. Others need greater attention, and possibly even a manufacturer refund. Below is a description of what a Cincinnati appliance repair service can work on.

One thing a service can work on is air conditioning and refrigerator repair Cincinnati residents need. Around 5 percent of all U.S. electricity consumption is used to keep our homes and food cool. This mostly comes from air conditioning, a technological marvel that has let us populate warmer areas. Refrigerators are nothing more than extremely concentrated air conditioners.

Another thing that may need appliance repair cincinnati residents expect is a washer machine. First appearing in electric form in 1908, the washer machine is a workhorse. The typical machine works on 8 to 10 loads a week at 50 lbs. Most loads contain 16 items, and take a half hour to produce. Of course, since microchip control was first introduced in 1978, appliance parts Cincinnati residents expect have become more sophisticated. A savvy repair service can not only provide those parts, but make the washer machine feel whole again.

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