Are You a Keeper or a Thrower?

What a glorious morning. Cool, sunny, breezy. The kind of day that if there were more of them many more people would want to live in this part of the country. As it is, however, glorious mornings like this are few and far between. This mornin, however, you are taking advantage of the cooler weather and sorting through some items in the garage. With the two large doors open, the sorting process is pleasant and relaxing. Any time you get ready to take inventory of all the things you have you thing about your family. Your mom and your brother were quite the interesting collectors. You, not so much. You are not a minimalist by any means, but you do not like a lot of stuff around you. Hopefully, your kids will appreciate that someday.

You say interesting because your mom and brother both approached their collections from unique perspectives. Your mom was raised during the depression, so her wanting to hang on to anything and everything was easy to understand. Your brother, on the other hand, you just chalk up his collections to him being an old soul with an appreciation of things from the past.

How about you? Do have things getting in your way of spending time being more productive? Or, are you the kind of person who often purchases and repurchases the same items because you are more likely to toss them than to keep them?

New Homes Bring an Opportunity for New Organization

If you have ever been so fortunate to move into a brand new home then you have an idea what it is like to start with a clean slate. With carefully placed floating shelf hardware you can create a clean look while displaying some of your favorite items and with the right amount of file cabinet inserts you are able to start your new home in the most organized way possible. Having the luxury to take the time to unpack and organize your items in a new home allows you the chance to start your time in a new home in the very best way possible. Even if you are not moving, however, there are plenty of organizational products that can help you take control of the clutter in your home. From door mounted spice racks to decorative knobs and pulls for cabinets and drawers, organization options abound. And when you take the extra time to thoughtfully purchase and place file cabinet inserts you can really get your life in order.

The latest research indicates that home owners remodel more than 10.2 million kitchens and 14.2 million bathrooms a year. As part of this process, cabinets generally account for 40% to 50% of the total kitchen remodel costs. And while it may certainly be more fun to select a new plans for a kitchen, the most organized home owners know that it is also important o pay attention to other kinds of details like office file cabinet inserts and other items that will control clutter.

In addition to being less cluttered, many of the organizational decisions you make can also make your life more efficient. With correctly placed file cabinet inserts, for example, you are able to more quickly put away and retrieve the paper work that you need. Even in a modern kitchen, these simple extras like file cabinet inserts discreetly placed behind doors means that your space can look great while also functioning at the highest levels.

If this morning is one of those great weather days that allows you to work in the garage with the doors wide open perhaps now is the time to make sure that you start the process of decluttering your life. With your energy combined with the newest organizational products, every space in your home, from the garage to the attic, can look its best. And you can spend less time looking for lost items and sorting through old papers. And even if the weather is not cooperating enough for your to start the process of organizing the garage you can likely find somewhere in your home that would benefit from the process of throwing out or donating what you no longer need.

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