Are You Preparing to Select Lighting Fixtures for Your New Home?

Holtkotter lighting

You are down to some of the final steps of planning for the new house. One of the things that is left, however, seems a bit overwhelming. Although you find yourself admiring the lighting fixtures in other people’s homes, you have never really had to pick any of those fixtures out for yourself.
You have purchased table and bedside lamps, as well as a few standing lamps, but you have never selected permanent lighting fixtures before. In fact, you do not really know the difference between bowery lighting and lightolier fixtures. And, unless it is merely a process of looking at price tags, you do not understand anything about the top lighting brands or what makes one kind of modern recessed lighting better than another.
Never one to be discouraged without trying, however, you have a trip planned to a high end lighting store this weekend and have a time scheduled to work with a salesperson who has promised to explain the both the products and the process of making sure that the fixtures you select for your home will provide both beauty and function.

From bowery lighting to task lighting for projects, making the selections of the fixtures used in your home will help you display the design style that you are after in addition to serve their intended purpose of providing illumination to all of the various areas of your home.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the products that lighting companies offer:

  • Kitchen pendant lights can vary greatly in style and design, but they should always hang 36 to 48 inches from the top of the counter.
  • 7% to 10% of the total energy consumed in a home is accounted for by lighting.
  • 84% of homeowners renovating their kitchens are upgrading their lighting fixtures, according to the 2017 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study.
  • It may come as no surprise that the brightest spot in the dining room should be the table. Installing a chandelier or pendant above the table will help draw people in, but most lighting experts recommend that you limit the total wattage to about 100.
  • Bowery lighting and other high end selections can add both value and distinction to your home.
  • 46% of renovating homeowners cited good lighting as the most important feature in a master bathroom, according to the 2016 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study.

If you find yourself trying to select lighting for a new home or a remodeled space, your best option is to work with someone who can help you understand the many kinds of lighting that are available and the purposes that they serve.

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