Damaged Bathtubs What Are Your Options?

Bathtub refinish

For many, a bathtub is a place where a homeowner can lay back and relax after a long day at work. But when a bathtub is damaged, it can make it impossible to relax. Over time, bathtubs can become worn, chipped, scratched, stained, or discolored. Aside from constantly looking dirty, a damaged bathtub can be a breeding ground for harmful germs and organisms such as mold or mildew. There are three methods that can be used to fix your bathtub woes: refinishing, relining, or replacement.

Bathtub Refinish

If your bathtub only has minor cosmetic issues, your best bet is to get your bathtub refinished. Bathtub refinishing or re-enameling is a process that can help your bathtub look brand new Continue reading “Damaged Bathtubs What Are Your Options?”