How to Remove a Red Stain from Carpet Three Carpet Cleaning Solutions That You Must Try

How to clean urine from carpet

We’ve all been there: a glass of wine or juice spills. Perhaps it was your child who knocked over a cup, or you were reaching for the remote on the coffee table and your glass fell over. The substance has seeped into your rug’s once-clean white or cream-colored fibers, and the wet washcloth you grabbed couldn’t catch it in time. Next thing you know, you’re frantically Google-ing for tips on how to remove a red stain from carpeting.

Other spills can occur in a busy household, too: from children, pets, guests, and, yes, even you. It happens to everyone. If you’re looking for advice on how to remove a red stain from carpet, how to remove a carpet stain from a pet, or other tips for carpet cleaning, then you’re looking in the right place.