Why Is My HVAC System Being So Loud?

hvac companyEven when you clean your air ducts every three to five years and receive routine HVAC maintenance on your heating and cooling system, sometimes things can go wrong. In this case, your HVAC system is being strangely loud.

But how can you determine whether or not your HVAC system’s suddenly loud sounds are worth being concerned about? Should you call your HVAC company? Because your system can use up to 48% of your home’s energy and because it may be dangerous if left unattended, having your system looked at by your HVAC company may be a good idea.

What you shouldn’t be concerned about
HVAC systems typically make sounds when they’re working properly. These sounds consist of a low humming, which is the fan and motor that allow the system to properly function. Additionally, you’ll most likely hear the sound of the air coming through the vents as well as the occasional thump or a squealing sound when the system itself turns on or off.

What you should be concerned about
Being worried about the sounds of your HVAC system is a good thing. It’s better to be safe than sorry. But one of the best ways to determine whether something is truly wrong with your system is being able to differentiate the normal humming of the motor and any new noise.

Indoor systems
When an indoor unit is being noisy, it’s most often caused by the blower motor or even a bad belt. When these parts are old or loose inside of the system they can make rattling, banging, screeching, or squealing sounds. Clicking sounds coming from your system often means the thermostat is failing to start up and is having difficulty activating the system.

Outdoor systems
In the case of outdoor systems, when there’s a deep rattling sound it may be a sign that there is debris caught in the exhaust fan. Debris can sometimes make its way into the system despite the grate protecting it from the outdoors. This is often the case when there’s been a strong thunderstorm. Turn your system off if it’s making loud noises and look to see if there is any debris inside of the grate.

When your HVAC system begins making sounds that are unfamiliar to you as a homeowner, it’s understandable to be concerned. If your system is being uncharacteristically noisy, it may be dangerous to let it be without having it looking at by a professional. Contact your HVAC company today for a better understanding of what’s making your system so loud.

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