When and Why to Test For Radon Gas

A typical American household may face a number of hazards, and one of the lesser known (but no less harmful) hazards is radon gas. Local radon testing may be done when a homeowner looks to nearby radon testing companies that can provide testing kits. A local radon mitigation company may then be hired if the rest results are positive, and all this is not something to be neglected. Radon gas is quite dangerous, and these radon testing companies should be contacted at once if a homeowner has reason to suspect unsafe levels of this gas in the home. What might radon testing companies do for their customers, and what exactly are the hazards of this gas?

On Radon Gas

This is a dangerous element to contend with. Radon gas is odorless, tasteless, and invisible, and it tends to seep out of the ground. This may happen right underneath a house, and if the basement has cracks in it, this radon gas may leak right into the air. This heavy element is found naturally, and it is in fact ra Continue reading “When and Why to Test For Radon Gas”