Four Signs that Your AC is On its Last Leg

Split system air conditioner

Does your air conditioner seem to be on it’s last leg in spite of your best attempts to keep it repaired? Air conditioners last longer with proper care and maintenance. Change your filters every three months, and invest in routine maintenance from HVAC companies. Even the best maintenance won’t stop your unit from breaking down eventually, however, and you need to be able to identify the signs when they appear.

Here’s how you know when to invest in repair or replacement:

Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter in Five Easy Steps

Emergency air conditioning repair

Even though the leaves have barely started to brown, snow is already falling across areas of the central US, and a long, chilly winter may not be as far away as it seems. Are your heating and air conditioning systems ready for the mercury to drop?

Homeowners should look into heating and air conditioning service before the turn of the seasons to make sure they aren’t left in the cold when winter arrives. If you inspect your HVAC systems yourself, you’ll have time to schedule an appointment with a he Continue reading “Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter in Five Easy Steps”