Keeping the Summer Fun- How to Ward off Pesky Insects

As summer time quickly approaches, everyone is thinking about all of the fun they will have enjoying the outdoors and warm weather. Whether your idea of fun is swimming (actually the fourth most popular sports activity in the whole United States!), hiking, or sun bathing, all these joyful activities have one thing in common- they are located entirely outside. The outdoors are exciting to explore and help cultivate your imagination and creativity, but you absolutely must be careful of the bugs. Did you know that recent studies have estimated that there are more than 200 million insects for each human individual on the planet? That amounts to a lot of bugs! These insects, specifically mosquitos, not only give you annoying bug bites, but can carry different diseases and potentially lead to serious infections, putting a downer on your summer fun. Choosing the right bug screen and other preventative measures to ward off these potential problems is highly important. Read on to learn more abo Continue reading “Keeping the Summer Fun- How to Ward off Pesky Insects”