Are You Certain That Your Home Is a Safe Place for Your Family?

You still feel frustrated, but also incredibly grateful for all the people from out of state who are trucking in hay and supplies and volunteers. There are many caring people outside of your wonderful state and they are appreciated. One of the reasons you are frustrated is that it is so easy to discount Nebraska as some place in the middle of nowhere that the rest of the country forgets exists. And yet, when you read the details about the role Nebraska plays in feeding everyone, and then look at the pictures of the recent flooding you begin to grasp the magnitude of the disaster caused by this month’s flooding. If other cannot relate because it is just Nebraska, then many will begin to understand when they see what it does to their grocery bill. The farmers and ranchers of the country need the help of the government.
The latest snow melting and rain have created situations that are even more serious than testing for radon in the basement of a home you are purchasing. And while you Continue reading “Are You Certain That Your Home Is a Safe Place for Your Family?”