Be Gone, Trenches Trenchless Pipe Repair

Drain repair boston

Repairing drain pipes is never fun, especially if they’re sewer drain pipes. Why? It mostly has to do with the fact that sewer pipes are buried deep underground, making them notoriously difficult to reach. Many sewage experts agree that pipes older than 40 years should be replaced or at the very least inspected (which typically costs around $250-$350). Homeowners across the country realize the prudence of this. Broken sewage pipes, perhaps more than any other feature of the house, need immediate repair (for obvious reasons).

Still, sometimes homeowners are hesitant to have sewer and water pipe repair work done. The reason for this is that sewer drain cleaning is a long and destructive process that requires not only pipe replacement work but restorative work as well. Under the conventional method Continue reading “Be Gone, Trenches Trenchless Pipe Repair”