Consider Installing Cellular Shades

Cellular or honeycomb shades help boost your home’s energy efficiency, provide privacy, and are also very easy to install. In order to install one yourself, you will need the cellular shade itself and the contents it comes with, a measuring tape, a pencil, a standard level, a drill, and optionally a 1/16- inch drill bit.
First, measure the width of the windows’ opening and its height if you will install your shade on the inside.

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For an outside installation, you need to measure the preferred width and height that you want your shade to cover. Once this is done, take the shade you bought and hold its top in the opening then make small marks at each corner of the opening where mountings will go. Note that each brand of shades has a different mounting allowance or multiple brackets to hold its weight.
Next, mark the locations of the screws with your pencil and use your drill to create holes in the top of your window’s opening. Attach the mounting using the hardware that came with it.
For outside shades, use your standard level to get a straight line then measure the position of your shade’s brackets as before and mark the positions of the screws before you drill the holes and fix the mounting in place. After this is done, place the shade in the mountings, and you’re done!.

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