Do You Have A Pool? Here Are Some Useful Pool Maintenance Tips To Keep Your ROI Fresh

When the weather gets hot, there’s just one resource that stands out above all else: a big, cool body of water.

Pool maintenance is a simple series of steps designed to make sure you’re never left wanting when summer hits in full force. While that’s nothing to worry about right now, picking up a few tips will really pay off in the long term. Pool deck resurfacing is a smart way to keep your ROI as high as possible and an outdoor kitchen can give you a little something extra to do as you dry off. Pool contractors have all the resources you need to take good care of your pool’s health and guarantee a cool, relaxing summer each and every time.

For those who just got a custom pool installed and those who have had a pool for years, pool maintenance is your most valuable tool.

Health Benefits Of Swimming

Is it any wonder why the pool is so popular? It’s fantastic for your health. Swimming is considered among the best cardiovascular exercises because you are moving against the water, strengthening all your muscles and putting positive stress on your heart and lungs. Swimming two to three times a week can significantly reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease, boost your stamina, and improve your immune system. Then, of course, there’s just cooling off on a hot day!

Popularity Of Swimming

Just how popular is swimming in the United States? According to recent statistics swimming is the fourth most popular sport or recreational activity in the country. The average person will swim in a pool six times a year and, to date, swimming remains the most popular recreational hobby for children and teenagers up to the age of 17. Pool maintenance is a necessary part of retaining the health of your pool and keeping it from degrading right before your very eyes.

Common Pool Additions

Before you look into pool renovations, consider adding a few new amenities to your pool’s surroundings. Nearly 40% of inground pools today have diving boards installed, perfect for adding a touch of kinetic fun to your everyday swimming excursions. A recent study provided by Houzz found the top three items being added to outdoor areas are barbecues, grills, and outdoor kitchens. The latter, in particular, is ideal if you regularly find yourself entertaining company.

Maintaining Your Pool Weekly

Your pool, just like your car and your lawn, needs regular attention to stay in peak condition. Over 80% of pools use chlorine to sanitize and you might need to adjust the amount in yours if you notice the water quality dipping. The average inground pool liner will last between five to 12 years, depending on your pool maintenance routine, and above ground pool liners will last between six to 10 years in most cases. Pool plaster is notorious for degrading over time and it’s not uncommon for you to see etches and stains after a few years.

Choosing The Best Pool Renovation Or Addition

Whether you need an addition or a renovation depends on a few things. You should consider first the age of your pool. If it’s on the older side it might be better to put off an outdoor kitchen and replace your liner before it starts to truly peel away. For those that have been keeping up with pool maintenance, however, pool contractors can work with you to give you an outdoor kitchen design that sends your ROI sky high. A recent study found adding an outdoor kitchen sees an ROI of 100% to 200%.

A little work now will mean endless fun in the sun later. Ready to go swimming?

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