Don’t Feel Stuck With a Kitchen You Hate! Talk to Kitchen Designers

European kitchen design

One of the most frustrating rooms in a house for many people is their kitchen. Although the kitchen, for many homes, is one of the most important rooms in the house, it almost always seems to be a source for dissatisfaction among homeowners, unless they’ve remodeled it themselves. This can be in part, due to the fact, that each person has their own criteria for what they need in a kitchen, and what is the most convenient arrangement for them. As houses change hands, the new owner may find modifications from the old owner impractical for their needs. However, HGTV suggests that homeowners who are planning on sticking around for over five years should undergo a remodel that satisfies their comforts. So where should you start with a kitchen remodel?

Let’s Talk Kitchen Design
Everyone’s tastes are going to be a little different — some may want a very modern kitchen design, others prefer a more rustic feel. The most important thing is narrowing down your tastes and aesthetic. If you’re collaborating with a designer, they’re still going to need to know your style and likes and dislikes to draw up a truly great plan for you.

If you feel stumped or overwhelmed with what you like, one great way to organize your thoughts is to create an idea board. See a model kitchen or a color you like? The perfect cabinets? Cut it out of a magazine (or print it) if you’re doing a physical idea board; if you’re doing one online, simply add it to your app. Even if it’s not a cohesive design, there will be a certain aesthetic that the designer can pinpoint and try to match.

What Are Small Aspects of a Remodel That I Can Undertake?
If you can’t afford a totally new kitchen — and let’s face it, unless we’ve saved diligently for a few years or are fabulously wealthy, few of us can — you can still give your kitchen a facelift. One key, practical item in kitchen design is considering your kitchen cabinets, and where they’re placed. Whether you want modern kitchen cabinets, Italian kitchen cabinets, or custom cabinets, storage is everything.

Redoing your cabinets first can make a huge difference in the flow of your space — and give you a better sense of where other things need to go. Is it totally impractical for you to be hopping up on a step stool every second to get things from the highest shelf? Do you wish your island had more storage space? These are questions to tackle with a designer.

A fresh coat of paint can also do wonders, brightening up the room, or giving it a relaxed, homey feel. Redoing the floors can also help liven up an old kitchen, whether that means stripping away old flooring to reveal hardwood underneath, retiling the floor, or replacing linoleum.

These little touches can make a difference until you’re ready — mentally and/or financially — to start doing the heavy lifting.

Who Do I Need On My Team for a Kitchen Remodel?

Chances are you’ll need a designer, perhaps an architect, and a contractor and his team, who will usually consist of general laborers, an electrician, and a plumber, among others. You may also need to check into getting a work permit before your remodel starts. Each member you work with needs to have a good idea of your vision and taste — and don’t be afraid to reinforce it, if you feel your end goal isn’t being met.

Finding your team through personal referrals is usually the best way to go, as you likely trust the word of the person who gave you the referral, and know that they were satisfied with the work. However, careful research online and in person interviewing can also yield a fantastic team who can help make your dream for the perfect kitchen design come true.

If you’re staying put in your house for the long term, don’t just settle for being dissatisfied with the kitchen! Making a change will put new life in the house — and possibly even in yourself!

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