Duct Cleaning New York

Long island chimney sweep

Did you know that chimneys started to appear in Britain around 1200, when they replaced the open fire burning in the middle of the one room house? Today, chimneys can make a great addition to a home, helping a household to save money on heating costs and also adding a nice aesthetic touch.

However, if you have a chimney there are several things that you will want to keep in mind. Never burn trash, cardboard or paper in your fireplace, and never leave a burning fireplace unattended. And of course, regular maintenance is essential, this includes chimney cleaning Long Island, also known a chimney sweep long island service. This is absolutely essential to the health of your chimney. For example, creosote is a highly combustible residue that forms inside your chimney and cleaning is essential to remove it. Of course, if your chimney is broken you will want to look into Long island chimney repair. If you have ducts in your home you will also want to look into duct cleaning, such as duct cleaning New York or duct cleaning long island. Overall, chimney cleaning and duct cleaning new york are essential.

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