Fiber Optic Feedthroughs

Are you looking for a tighter vacuum like seal for your manufacturing line? There are many ways to seal these types of mechanisms, but making it air tight is the only sure way to ensure that no problems come up. Some of these types of seals are a high-pressure hermetic seal with a hermetic feedthrough, feedthrough for finer optic, and even an explosion-proof seal. The whole idea is that for these mechanisms, nothing can get through aside from what you want to get through.

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When working with electrical, safety is of the utmost importance, and taking a risk by not having secure connections is not safe or professional. Now is it the sort of project you should handle at home? Probably not, simply because if this isn’t secured correctly, you will more than likely get shocked. So when using these connectors, make sure your kit is fully equipped so that you aren’t missing anything that you would need. Working on electrical in your home can be a risk, and hiring a person is the surest way to make sure you are doing things correctly, but hopefully, this video illuminates some of the dangers associated.

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