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Proactive plumbing solutions

Bathroom and kitchen remodel jobs are popular. It just makes sense. Kitchen remodeling jobs have high return on investment, for small ones it is as much as 83%! Bathroom remodeling jobs are the most popular though, nearly 80% of all jobs done like  this are on bathrooms, according to the National Association of Home Builders. When Houzz asked what people were remodeling, 60% said their master bedroom bathroom. Given the potential for a spectacle return on investment, home owners need to know how to pick the right plumbing services company.

Things to Look For

Licenses. All plumbing services companies need to have the correct licenses. If the one you go to balks at this question, go somewhere else. Reputable companies know this and will not have a problem showing you theirs.

Insurance. Make sure they are up to date on their workman’s compensation and liability. If one of their people is injured working in your home, that could cause big problems for you. Do not take their word for it, you can verify it before they work on your house.

Reputation. How long have the plumbing services company been in business and do they have references? Check Yelp and Facebook and see what other customers say about them. Ask your friends, family and neighbors. Most plumbers stay in one area so the odds are in your favor that one or more of your neighbors has used the company.

Price. Shop around for quotes from several plumbing services companies. Now, the price depends on a number of factors. Does your job require custom plumbing or is it basic? The time it takes to do a job does have an impact on  the final price. Also, the cheapest may not be the best option and if they do really bad work, you are just going to need to have it redone. Conversely, the most expensive option may not really be worth the money. They just might be a super expensive plumbing services company.

Do you like the company? How are they at answering your plumbing questions? Do they provide and proactive plumbing solutions like things to prevent clogs or other drainage problems.

There are a lot of great options out there now to make your bathroom as exquisite or basic as you want it to be. The plumbing fixtures in this room vary so much in terms of tubs and toilets and showers, your possibilities are endless and it does not all have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are even walk in tubs for people with limited mobility. The kitchen is always where all good parties end up so you want yours to reflect your personality and it can. There are tons of ways to make it what you want with the right fixtures and a good plumbing services company can help you design the perfect kitchen sink.

It should be noted that there are a lot of plumbing myths out there and some do pertain to plumbers. Do not believe them. Work with, not against, your plumbing services company to create the space you really want your home to be.

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