Finding a Real Estate Agent for Buying and Renting Summer Homes

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Summer’s here, and it’s an ideal time to be buying or investing in rental property on the water. But when searching for the ideal beach property, finding rental homes that are the right price, size, and location for your needs may be difficult to do alone. In the game of real estate, it’s important to know the rules, and no one knows the rules like a real estate agent. Real estate agents are invaluable resources when looking to buy or rent a home. In fact, 98% of buyers who used a real estate agent when searching for a home viewed them as sources of extremely valuable information.
But which real estate agent should you choose? The Association of Real Estate License Law officials recently estimated that 2 million real estate licensees are active in the United States. In particular to locations that have beach property, many real estate agents within these locales are dedicated to finding people the best vacation homes possible. If you’re looking for a lead, it might be a good idea to ask a friend, as about 40% of buyers typically seek out real estate agents through referrals.
Once you are in contact with a real estate agent, it’s important to take advantages of the resources they offer you and ask as many questions as possible.

Some good questions to ask real estate agents are:

  • If I’m buying this property, what are the rental laws and regulations?
  • What kinds of amenities and appliances does this property have, such as a swimming pool and a laundry room?
  • Does the property allow pets?
  • Is there a management fee?
  • What are local crime rates like? Will I need to invest in a security system?
  • For beach properties, is my home at risk of flood or damage during inclement weather? Will I need coastal insurance?
  • Your real estate agent should be able to address all of your concerns, as well as bring into consideration additional things you should be thinking about as a renter or property owner.

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