Flooring Replacement, Refurbishing, and More Flooring Companies Get the Job Done

Unfinished flooring ct

Maintaining your home is a constant struggle. Some struggles are worse than others, of course, but no matter what there’s always bound to be something in need of cleaning, refurbishing, or even repair. Of all the standard features of your house, the flooring arrangement is the one in need of the most attention. After all, it gets stepped on everyday! Floors can get dirty but they can also become chipped, worn, scarred, and a whole bunch of other kinds of damage. For flooring work that goes beyond a simple sweep or mopping job, flooring companies are your best bet to keep your floors beautiful.

Flooring companies certainly have a lot on their hands — and under their feet! The flooring business is doing quite well for itself. From 2009 to 2014, flooring companies grew at an annual rate of 1.1%, an impressive figure by any business standard. From flooring inlay work and flooring replacement to hardwood floor refinishing and polishing, flooring companies are capable of nearly any service that can be done on or for a flooring arrangement. It is no wonder, then, that the flooring industry employs about 100,000 people.

Flooring work is done for more than just maintenance. Flooring projects have been shown to increase the value of a house. Prospective homeowners are likely to spend about $2,000 more on a property if it has prefinished hardwood floors. Hardwood floors in particular generally look nicer than other kinds of flooring options such as carpet or wool and are also better for the house’s air quality. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends hardwood floors because they are less susceptible to carry soil and dirt than carpeting, automatically improving the indoor air quality. Because of these perks, hardwood floors — and their installations — are in high demand.

Regardless of whatever floor plan is in place, flooring companies are composed of trained professionals that know everything there is to know about floors. They can make maintaining your house, and then some, a little easier.

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