Four Great DIY Projects for Your Weekend

Home diy projects

In 2012, the amount that homeowners spent on remodeling and renovation projects jumped 10% from the year before to $126 billion in the United States, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard. While there are lots of reasons why people will choose to upgrade, including functionality and increased value for possible resale, new kitchens and bathrooms are almost always among the most popular choices. However, if you are looking to upgrade your home a bit but don’t want to take on a full renovation, there are lots of home DIY projects that you can try over the course of just a weekend, many for under $100.

Paint Tile Backsplashes

If you do want to focus on the kitchen, then you might want to take some time changing the color of design of a tile backsplash. They might seem like a small area, but, in reality, they can make a big difference when it comes to the aesthetic of a kitchen. All it takes is scruffing the surface with sandpaper, applying primer, and then painting a unique design. The ease and speed that this can be accomplished makes painting backsplashes one of the best DIY weekend projects.

Plant Evergreens

For homeowners who want a more private yard and are having a bit of trouble deciding if a big fence will be worthwhile, considering planting evergreens might be a good idea. While this is a lot more labor intensive than a little bit of interior painting and is not always one of the easy home projects, evergreens add a nice green element and privacy to backyards. Planting them might even be a fun way for a family to bond on the weekend.

Build a New Mailbox

A new mailbox out front of your home will not only make it easier on the mailman, but add a nice welcoming touch. All you need is a little bit of wood, some paint, and a handful of tools and you can make a custom mailbox. This might take a bit of skill, but it’s a good way to make your home more inviting.

Hang Toothbrushes

In the bathroom, there are few more annoying things than having to deal with toothbrushes, soap, razors, and hair dryers all rattling around on the sink. By installing a little wall mount cup and toothbrush holder. This is one of the best home DIY projects because it is cheap, easy, and can make a difference every day.

DIY projects for homeowners are a great idea because they allow for upgrades without having to go through the massive renovation process. There are certainly more than four home DIY projects out there, and there are all kinds of lists to choose from online. But they are a great way to enjoy a weekend and give your home a little upgrade at the same time.

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