Harness the Power of Wetness!

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When you basement floods, you might not realize it, but whats streaming into your home is actually a precious resource. Before you call for sump pump installation, give it some thought. Just 1% of the water in the world is actually useful for all of our needs. The rest is frozen in ice caps or has too much salt to be handy. Even the best best well digging services will someday run out of places to find fresh water. So how can you harness this precious resource?

Well, first thing about practicality. Americans use about 100 gallons of water per person, per day. So, if you were thinking of stashing some water away, think again. To save even just 7 days worth of necessary water, you’d have to have space for 700 gallons of water storage tanks. So instead of thinking of harnessing as an individual act, think of it collectively.

Maybe we start by putting a harness on ourselves. Cut back from 100 gallons to 50, perhaps. We can set our toilets to use less each flush and water our grass half as often. After that, let’s make the most of the water that we do have. Consider sump pump installation so that when your basement drains, it funnels water to where it can be used for our use.

Water consumption is nothing like it used to be, but we can start to make changes so that it looks a little more like that. One hundred years ago, most wells were dug by hand. Now, machines provide well drilling and digging and can go more than 1,000 feet deep. Water well sealing is so sophisticated that nothing escapes! Where water is really escaping is through our consumption and we must do what we can to lessen it each day.
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