Helping Habitat for Humanity Build Sustainable Net Zero Homes

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Habitat for Humanity Grand Traverse Region continues to go strong by partnering with various companies to provide homeownership to residents. One of these companies is James Hardie which is a proud partner that donates siding to Habitat for Humanity in the Grand Traverse Region.

Many people, like Anthony Gleason, who is a retired US Army Veteran, and his son Michael Gleason, are astounded by how top-notch the siding donated under James Hardie’s project for their new home is. Anthony along with Michael also takes pride in helping to build their home and participate in other home building projects with Habitat for Humanity. And as people give 50% of their commitment to this cause, this organization will give 50% commitment to them.

Other volunteers and staff of Habitat for Humanity Grand Traverse Region speak on the joys of participating in such a worthwhile cause. For instance, a volunteer of Habitat for Humanity named Bob Blackmur stated how wonderful it is to build a bond with others while building homes. He also mentions how it tugs at his heart when the homes are given to others.

Also, Wendy Irvin, the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Grand Traverse Region talks about how they came up with the Net Zero Energy Affordable Housing solution when they were thinking of ways of sustaining affordable housing. She further stated that homes can prevent as much energy as they consume it through Net Zero Energy. Andy Gleason also expressed how he greatly appreciates the home being energy-efficient through Net Zero Energy.

Austin Jenness is the Communications Manager of Habitat for Humanity in the Grand Traverse Region, and he expressed how wonderful it is that various organizations contribute to Habitat for Humanity. He also stated how wonderful the James Hardie projects are and how they are a good fit for the community.

Ryan McCoon is the President of Endure Performance Homes and is a LEED Certified Expert. He concurs with Austin Jenness’s statements. He also bragged about the durability, available choices, and appeal of the color technology of the siding.

The color technology has uncompromising performance that is engineered by the climate. So, it could be extremely cold weather or extremely humid or dry heat, color technology can sustain the wearability and comfort of your home.


Habitat for Humanity in the Grand Traverse Region partners with other companies to ensure sustainable and affordable homes for their residents. So, whether it is a durable commercial glass installation, top-notch and durable flooring, or energy-efficient siding, this organization, and its volunteers go the extra mile especially for veterans, like Anthony Gleason and his son.

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