Here Are Three Statistics That Show Just How Much Americans Care About Their Lawns

Professional lawn care

It is no secret that Americans love to take care of their lawns. Working hard on your lawn and showing it of to neighbors is a tradition as American as apple pie. With over 40 million acres of lawn in the United States, it is clearly a big deal. You can also go the professional lawn care route. This allows you to outsource your lawn care services like installing a sprinkler system, dead tree removal, and figuring out how to winterize lawn sprinkler system. While it is no secret that Americans love their lawns, here are three facts that show just how much we care about a winterize lawn sprinkler system.

1. Americans use three million tons of fertilizer on their lawns each and every year. It is important to keep your lawn looking green and healthy. To do this, you have to feed it and give it some food to grow on. Fertilizer serves this function. Three million tons of fertilizer can give you a lot of green lawns.

2. Americans use a lot of natural resources on their lawns. In fact, they used 17 million gallons of gas last year to cut their lawns. This is in addition to all the water they used to water it. To reduce the amount of water needed to water, they should get an automatic sprinkler system to control how much water is used. It is also important to make sure that this is a winterize lawn sprinkler system to last through the harsh winter months. A winterize lawn sprinkler system will require less maintenance when spring time rolls around again.

3. Americans use over 30 thousand tons of pesticide each and every year. This helps to keep insects and other pests from ruining your lawn that you worked so hard to make green. It is important to protect your lawn from any natural predators. Hopefully, this was some informative information about how seriously Americans take their lawn care. For more information, read this website.

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