Home Repair Nightmares Large-Scale Sewer Replacements for Property Owners

Sewer camera

In the course of a home renovation, more homeowners are looking underground. A “sick” sewer system that needs repair or replacement can cost homeowners thousands of dollars: simply snaking a drain can be well over $150, and a deeper diagnostic usually approaches $400.

Unfortunately, for many homes built in the 1970s, the time has come for routine sewer line repair and possible sewer line replacement. Experts note that a sewer camera can be used to facilitate the diagnostic process, revealing areas of erosion and blockage.

Sewer line cleaning can help extend the life of a homes sewer system, but a complete sewer replacement is an unavoidable necessity after three or four decades for most homes. A sewer repair project used to be a very complicated undertaking that involved digging up most of the homeowner’s yard: freestanding buildings on the property would have to be torn down sometimes, or entire gardens would have to be uprooted just to accomplish the repairs.

Thankfully, many home sewer repairs can now be accomplished with a relatively new repair process that avoids huge dig projects, replacing sewer lines without disturbing the ground, gardens, garages, or trees on the homeowner’s property.

Trenchless drain cleaning
may require a larger initial investment from the property owner, but many homeowners are willing to put in the funds for trenchless sewer replacement or cleaning in order to avoid large-scale disruption of properties.

A sewer camera can help diagnose problems just as in more disruptive procedures, but then small holes are dug in specific sites on the property and the pipe or sewer system can be repaired by hand on an as-needed basis.

Trenchless sewer repair is gaining traction with property owners, both residential and commercial, whose day-to-day routines preclude large digging projects. Through the use of a sewer camera and the advice of experts, more homeowners are finding that sewer repair does not have to be a disaster.

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