How To Choose Paint That Protects Your Health Here In The United States

There will likely come a time that you will need paint for your home, from nursery paint to spray paint to normal wall paint to paint for painting a porch. Some people might even choose a paint that protects against radiation, though this paint that protects against radiation is certainly likely to be more difficult to find – and likely more expensive – than other types of paint. However, many here in the United States very much feel that paint that protects against radiation is worth it in the long run, even with the extra cost that this paint that protects against radiation might accrue.

Aside from specifically choosing a paint that protects against radiation, many people will be very interested in the variety of paint colors. For people who are looking to create their home to be an expression of themselves, paint color can be a relatively simple way to do this. People who are soon looking to sell their homes are likely to also be interested in repainting, though these people will likely need to choose their paint colors a bit more strategically in order to put their home in the best position for selling.

For instance, neutral tones are very “in” right now, as up to one third of all survey respondents said that, if they were to be repainting their homes, they would choose neutral paint colors. This means that those who are looking to sell their homes can appeal to as wide of an audience as possible when using neutrals, creating a blank slate of sorts for prospective owners to project their own design choices onto. But it’s not just neutral tones that can have a considerable impact, as surprising as this might be.

In addition to neutral tones, the color blue can be quite effective when it comes to making a home sale. But it’s not just blue in general but blue in bathrooms specifically. For some reason that is not yet fully understood, painting a bathroom blue or incorporating the color blue in some other significant way can actually raise the overall selling price of the home by quite a lot – sometimes even by as much as $5,400 in total.

But the average home owner will not only need to consider the color of the paint, but its overall quality as well. For this reason, paint that protects against radiation is becoming more and more popular, as is low VOC paint. VOCs, which stands for volatile organic compounds, were once found commonly in many types of paint not only here in the United States but all throughout the world as a whole. Unfortunately, these VOCs are also known for having a number of negative health effects.

In one study, for instance, office workers who typically worked in an environment for volatile organic compounds were present were moved to an environmentally controlled work space for about a week. The results were quite staggering indeed. They showed an overall cognitive improvement of more than 100% among the collective workers, firmly showing that volatile organic compounds can certainly have an impact on health – and even on brain power.

Fortunately, low VOC paints are becoming more commonplace than ever before. These paints are available for all uses, from painting floors to safe paint for nursery to stain blocking primer to even the paints that are used for staining concrete. And if you’ve already used a paint with volatile organic compounds, there is no need to panic. After all, it has been found that volatile organic compounds will actually dissipate quite considerably after the paint has been applied for a year or more. In the future, however, it will be important to choose paints that are lower in these volatile organic compounds, if not just free from them entirely.

Choosing the right paint is important for many reasons, and there is no doubt that there are many paints out there to choose from. From nursery safe paint to paint that protects against radiation, you’ll have a wide array to consider – as long as they are all free from volatile organic compounds.

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