How to Show Off Your Personality When You Shop for Furniture

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Your home furniture is, to a certain degree, an extension of your personality. Conservative folks might enjoy decorating their living rooms with upright armchairs, dark wooden end tables and the like, while more playful people might indulge the occasional ottoman and matching animal-decor rug. The truth is: In the end, it’s all used for the same purpose, anyway.

Still, furniture has been a part of the human living experience since our ancient ancestors began settling down and shedding their nomadic lifestyles. You can look up all the furniture buying tips you like, and while some of them will undoubtedly be practical (questions of warranty, durability of the material), it’s also supposed to just be fun. You see a cool thing, so you buy it. End of story.

While your particular tastes may fully inform what to look for when buying furniture, a vast majority of modern home furnishings are made from wood. This is because wood is a very available resource, but also because it is far more comfortable than, say, stone. Although, humans haven’t completely ruled that out, either. In fact, Skara Brae, a Neolithic village in Hungary, was the site of a discovery of furniture made entirely out of stone that dated back to nearly 3000 BCE.

Today’s home furniture stores offer plenty of different designs
in order to best accommodate the varying styles of modern homeowners. That’s a far cry from the Middle Ages, when only nobles and others of the highest ranking were allowed to sit in chairs while everyone else occupied benches and stools. Whether you’re opting for the most regal recliner or just a plain old comfy couch, also know a handful of furniture maintenance tips before you actually move to purchase.

Things happen. Cushions get saggy. Fabrics rip. Wood cracks. The more furniture maintenance tips you know, the better you can repair your home gear at a lower cost than taking it into a professional shop.

One of the most conservative furniture settings today is the office. A chair that reclines slightly and rolls around on wheels is just about the most outlandish thing you’ll see in a professional setting, but for good reason. After all, you can’t possibly make yourself work when you’re indulging your comfortable side.

No matter what kinds of couches, tables or chairs you’re shopping for, always try before you buy. And when you buy, know how to fix it. You never know when that handful of furniture maintenance tips is going to save your behind — literally. Good refereneces.

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