How to Talk to Customers About Solar Panel Roof Mounting

Ground mounted solar panels

Installing solar panels, means understanding solar panel systems. Solar panel roof mounting projects require the right equipment and tools. When choosing a rack system for a job, having facts about solar power can help win over the customer. Before a customer will buy solar panels and you begin a solar panel roof mounting, provide them with an education on solar power.

Installation and Production Costs
Producing solar panels costs about two dollars per square foot. Then, solar mounting systems are needed to hold the panels in place. For six hundred square feet of solar panels, the installation can cost nearly fifty five thousand dollars. Whether they choose solar panel roof mounting or ground mounted solar panels, customers need to understand the financial investment. Make sure to tell them how reliable the product is. Remind them that solar panels can last an average of forty years.

Solar Electricity Benefits
The cost to install solar panels can be startling to some customers. Combat this by explaining how solar panels can increase the value of a home. Describe the savings in electricity bills. Help the customer determine if there are tax breaks in their area for solar panels. Make sure they understand how solar panel roof mounting will work in their home.

Environmental Impact of Solar Energy
Customers who choose solar power tend to be environmentally conscious. Give them the facts. With each kilowatt of solar energy generated they are preventing; one hundred fifty pounds of coal from being mined, three hundred pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted, and one hundred five gallons of water from being consumed.

As an installer of solar panel roof mounting systems, you know the benefits of solar energy. Educating customers should be part of the service you provide. Take pride in what you do and share your knowledge with your customers. It is a great way to increase sales and demonstrate customer service.

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