Is a Metal Garden Hose Right for You?

If you purchase a metal garden hose like the one shown in the video, you’ll discover it provides many benefits. The metal used in these garden hoses, stainless steel, doesn’t rust. It won’t tangle as a rubber hose would. You also won’t develop punctures in it, nor will it tear. Even if you tie a metal hose in a knot, the water flow continues.

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Metal garden hoses provide efficient and consistent water flow, which saves you time. These durable hoses roll up the same way rubber hoses do, so you can use your current mode of storage, such as a hose hook. A metal hose assembly sometimes uses the same gaskets as other hoses – rubber. This may wear out eventually, as it would on a rubber hose.

This hearty hose type takes a real beating. You could run over it with your car, which the tester in the video did, and still not damage it. Unlike rubber, the stainless steel on these doesn’t shred when caught on the side of the house or snagged on a rock or wound around a cactus.

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