Many Subdivisions Across the Country Have Specific Exterior Building Requirements

What are gutters for

You never knew that owning a home would be so complicated. In fact, when you had previously driven through the neighborhood you knew that you loved the look. You never realized, however, that the look was a result of some pretty restrictive neighborhood covenants that require permission for almost any kind of exterior home improvement project.
From aluminum gutters to roofing materials, home owners in many neighborhoods are required to make sure that their improvements are approved by the elected governing board. For instance, If you do not want to use shake shingles in some upscale neighborhoods, the covenant may allow for some very specific variances. Understanding what those variances are, however, is important if you want to avoid legal recourse, sometimes including a lean on your home.

Caring for Copper Gutters and Other Roofing Materials Requires Attention to Detail

Whether you are researching information about caring for copper gutters or understanding the difference in different kinds of residential shingles, it is important to pay attention to the details. For instance, if you live in a subdivision that requires any asphalt shingle to be one that comes with a 50 year warranty and in nonlinear in appearance, you need to make sure that the roofing company that you work with understands. And while you can find many shingles that come with these warranties and that are labeled as wind resistant and impact resistant, the nonlinear characteristic is less common.
Likewise, you do not want to consider the expense of copper rain gutters if your home owner’s association does not allow you to make these upgrades. In fact, if you are partial to some kind of very specific roofing material, you may need to pay attention to a subdivision’s covenants before purchasing a property. Once a purchase is made, many home owner’s groups request that any future changes be approved. In fact, residents of some neighborhoods are advised to seek approval from the current Covenants Committee before making any roofing, or other exterior improvements. In some cases, any deviation from a specific brand, quality, style, and color will be a direct violation of the protective covenants and legal recourse will follow.
In order to avoid any mis-communication regarding any newly approved material, in fact, it may be in a property owners best interest to submit any existing home architectural improvements to the neighborhood’s association board. Copper gutters never rust or need painting, but the fact that they last 100 years in any climate does not matter if they are not allowed in your neighborhood. The average roof will collect over 600 gallons of water when it rains a single inch. And while it only takes one-eighth of an inch of rain to fill a 54 gallon rain barrel, it is equally important to make sure that you understand other details as well. For instance, knowing the details for caring for copper gutters is essential if you want to make sure that these gutters serve their intended purpose.

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