Many Wood Primers And Varnishes Are Bad For Your Health How To Find Allergy-Friendly Options

Stain blocking primer

When you want to renovate your home, the best plan is often the most simple.

You don’t need to go all out with the most expensive supplies or focus too hard on an elaborate makeover that takes weeks and weeks to finish. Sometimes a simple touch-up can be all you need to give your home a brand-new feel. Wood primer and anti slip paint is a great choice for new mothers, sensitive families and experienced homeowners alike, creating a strong barrier between your home and gradual damage. Unfortunately, there are too many products on the market less concerned with your health and more concerned with making a quick buck.

Let’s look into the benefits of eco friendly primer and why it’s better for both your health and your wallet.

Many Primers, Coats And Varnishes Are Toxic

Do you ever worry about potential side-effects when you smell the sting of paint in the air? You have good reason to be. There’s a reason painters need to be in a well-ventilated room while working — the fumes from paint and related materials can be very hazardous to your health, even with minimal exposure, and can cause all sorts of side-effects. A Swedish study called ‘Dampness In Buildings And Health’ saw children with bedroom PGE concentrations of 25% or more had a 100% higher chance of developing asthma.

Sensitive Constitutions Need Lower VOC Levels

There’s even more to be concerned about when you buy your wood primer. Adults and children with sensitive constitutions or allergies need to be kept in a much safer environment to manage their symptoms. The same Swedish study saw children with already existing allergic symptoms having their symptoms double, eventually creating other allergens and reducing their physical capacity to ward off airborne contaminants. Flooring that is over one year old should have the majority of its VOCs dissipated, but any new wood primer or varnish should have VOC-free painting materials.

Environmentally Friendly Choices Start At Home

Being an eco-friendly homeowner is an ongoing choice. Installing trees in your backyard clear out the air and reduce noise pollution. Recycling your paper and plastic goes a long way in reducing landfills around the country. When you choose an eco friendly polyurethane clear coat over a generic wood primer, you do wonders for your family’s health and your surrounding plant life. Exterior porch paint should be able to ward off water and dirt without pumping yet more chemicals into an already strained environment.

Clear Out Indoor Air Pollution

This fact cannot be overstated enough. Indoor air pollution levels are much worse than outdoor air pollution, by as much as three times, and can seriously impact your health when you least expect it. An illuminating study analyzing the effects of indoor air pollution on human mental and physical health compared cubicle employees with outdoor employees — with VOC levels reduced to around 50 micrograms per cubic meter (and with 40 cubic feet per minute of the average outdoor air worker), cognitive scores were over 100% higher than in more conventional workspaces.

Tips For Choosing The Best Wood Primer

It seems like a lot to keep track of, but choosing an eco-friendly clear varnish or anti slip paint is easy once you get the hazards out of the way. A report by the CBC Marketplace found VOC levels over 500 ppb have the potential to cause serious health hazards, so it’s best to find one that just circumvents these ingredients entirely to stay on the safe side. A study provided by the Survey Research Institute at Cornell University saw the majority of travelers at 80% saying they would much rather choose an allergy-friendly room if they had the choice.

You also have a choice. Make this the year you choose environmentally friendly materials and put you and your family’s health first.

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