Planning to Upgrade or Renovate Your Bathroom? Here Are Just a Few Ideas!


Are you looking for bathroom design ideas? Whether you’re renovating an existing bathroom or adding on a second or third, you may be interested in hearing about what other homeowners have done or are planning to do. Since there are so many available high-tech products on the market today, you may also want to explore your options there as well.

A survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders found that bathroom remodels are the most requested renovation job within the United States. Bathroom contractors have recently handled 78% of these types of renovations. The 2016 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, for example, found that 90% of homeowners were planning to change the overall style of their bathroom during an upgrade. It’s interesting to note that 73% of homeowners hadn’t upgraded their bathrooms in 16 years or longer.

The Houzz survey showed that 87% of the homeowners were planning a shower remodel during their renovation process, and 30% were planning to at least double the size of their shower. Given that ten percent of new bathtubs and showers now come with high-tech features, these were also in high demand.

According to, there are a variety of popular high-tech features for the bathroom. In addition to Kohler shower speakers so you can listen to music while you shower, you may also enjoy luxuriating in a steam shower that provides moist heat. Another high–tech feature that may interest you is an app-operated bathroom privacy glass. You can change the window glass to either opaque or transparent. Just imagine having a towel warming drawer in your bathroom!

There were, of course, other high-tech items presented by These include an automatic toilet that will open and close the lid, flush, and provide other welcome features such as a heated seat. Another plus with this automatic toilet is that it is also self-cleaning.

If you’re planning to thrive-in-place, for example, you may want to consider having safety features installed in your bathroom. In addition to hand grips for the bathtub and shower, there are other types of handicap bathroom designs. These include wider doorways, lower counters, and the aforementioned automatic toilet.

The Houzz survey also found that four out of five homeowners were planning to replace their bathroom floors, countertops, showers, and sinks. Since it’s likely you already have several ideas for your bathroom upgrade or renovation, perhaps it’s time to consult with your contractor and interior designer. These professionals will be able to provide you with even more bathroom design ideas so that your master bathroom and guest bathrooms are all that you envision.

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