Should your home be checked and tested for radon?

While carbon monoxide might be the biggest colorless odor that we test for and know about, there are others that affect our health and put us in danger. Some of these other gasses that have the potential to make you very sick even appear more often than a carbon monoxide check. One of these troublesome gasses that your home should be checked for is radon. The fact is that 1 in 15 United States homes are actually said to have some type of radon problem with numbers well above the normal EPA action level. What exactly is radon and what are we at risk for with it in our homes? Or better yet, who should we be asking how to get rid of radon in your home? Let’s take a look at some of the basics you should know about this fume that could be within the walls of your home right now.

What is radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas that is both odorless and colorless. It is the natural decay of elements that are radioactive such as uranium. It is found in many different solids and rocks throughout the world and can be forced into the air through movement of certain objects such as rocks, dirt and foundations.

How is radon dangerous?

If radon gas is in your house than the risk of lung cancer is 16% greater than your average home. Even the surgeon general has put on statements on how dangerous radon can be within your home. With so many factors pointing to the problems that radon to cause than perhaps having your home tested for radon is something that should occur at least once a year to be sure there is no radon in your home.

How to prepare for a radon test

With radon testing you should make sure that all doors and windows within your home are closed for roughly 12 hours prior to the test being conducted. Of course this does not mean that you cannot use the typical exits and entrances within your home it just means that you should remember to shut them behind you. You should also be sure not to run any fans or open any windows or anything that will change the air quality during the test. Making sure that everything is as the house is typically on a daily basis is a vital part of receiving the correct results within your home.

If you or someone you know is at high risk of any type of cancers, be sure to have your home checked for radon. Local radon testing can be found at many different places within your community. Considering how important radon testing can be for your home this is an important test to pass and be sure that you are not putting yourself at risk or any of your loved ones of suffering from any grave complications. Be sure that there is no radon in your home today.

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