Solar Panels Saving Money and the Environment at Once

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Solar panel energy is gaining popularity in the United States, and with good reason. Solar installations provide clean, reliable energy for personal consumption without relying upon large electric companies. Solar panels can save homeowners thousands of dollars every year on their energy bills. Solar panels is the gift that keeps on renewing.

Solar power has cultivated a considerable following in both the government and the public over the years. Now, it is one of the largest emerging clean energy industries in the country. Every year, the solar power industry makes an average of $492 million in revenue. From 2009 through last year, the industry grew by an annual rate of 70%, adding 50,000 jobs in the process. Clean energy, and solar services, have never been more popular.

Why the surge in growth and outreach? Besides the well-known benefits of solar energy (e.g. lower electricity bills, environmentally friendly design), the costs of solar installation services has gone down tremendously. The cost of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels shrunk by 80% from 2009 to 2013! The costs have continued to drop, making solar panels much more accessible to the average consumer than they once were and keeping solar installers quite busy.

Especially in this economic recession, saving money on utility bills is a common priority for many people across the country. Solar panels have definitely reduced the dependency on large electric companies, many of which use nonrenewable energy sources such as natural gas and oil to power the electric generators. Clean energy sources such as wind power, hydro power, solar power, biomass and fuel cell power have cut down on the use of nonrenewable resources. It is an initiative that still has much more to go but at least the country is on its way to relying on clean energy more than we ever had.

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