Steps to Take Before Selling Your Home

Are you planning to sell your home? The selling process is complex, time-consuming, and challenging, especially if you don’t want to involve services from real estate agents. Before you put your homes for sale, an earlier preparation is crucial, whether doing it on your own or working with a real estate listing agent. Having an excellent plan speeds up sales and simultaneously improves the market value. Below we have analyzed some essential steps to take before selling your home.

Determine the Price of Your Home

Determining the worth of your house or home depends on the home location, market value, and house condition. Moreover, it also has specific points that should be addressed and requires someone knowledgeable. To come up with the price, you can seek assistance from an experienced real estate listing agent or consider comparable records. Also, your selling motive will determine if the decision is ideal or not.

Real Estate Agent

While other people prefer selling their house on their own, it is important to involve services from a realtor. Although selling the home through sale by owners does not attract any agent commission, less traffic is drawn towards them and may take a longer time in the market. Realtors will help you sell your home at the right price and time. However, choosing the right real estate agent is not easy, especially for a first-timer. Interview various agents to come up with the right candidate. An experienced realtor understands all the buyers’ wants and needs, and they will always come up with a considerable price for your home, depending on the market value. They will also guide you on a pricing procedure that attracts a myriad number of buyers. Ask for referrals from friends or relatives before selecting a realtor of your choice to avoid working with real estate agents who may sell the homes less than the market value.

Comparable Records

Pricing a home is a complex procedure that requires considerable homework. Comparable records are also called comps. The process involves comparing the prices of similar houses that were recently sold within your locality to determine the price. Working with a reputable realtor is important at this stage; they can easily access information regarding the comps prices at ease and understand your area’s market value. They will guide you on the right time to sell your house, depending on the market value. For instance, they will let you know if you can sell it now or later. To come up with the recommended price, compare homes within your locations with the same size, features, and conditions as yours. Determine the pros and cons faced by the other sellers and try to improve on them.

Consider Home Repairs and Appliance Upgrade

As a seller, work with professional real estate agents or carry out pre-inspection before selling. Most buyers hire specialized inspection agents who will identify any glaring issue that the sellers tend to ignore, for instance, garage door services, sewer line repair services, and mold removal services. Also, the inspector might raise repair issues to convince the seller to reconsider the price. Cooperate with the inspection agent and allow them to carry out the procedure. It is essential to ask for a copy of the buyer’s inspection document or go through the inspection checklist together. When the seller is experiencing difficulties and cannot repair or disagree with the buyer’s inspection, both parties can have repair negotiations. It is crucial to address home repairs, whether major or minor, before putting your home on the market. Also, upgrade the outdated appliances to attract a significant number of potential buyers. The upgrading and repairing process depends on your budget or home conditions. The common procedures to handle before inspection include:

Handling Repairs

It is time to seek assistance from an experienced handyman. Prepare a list of every item that needs fixation or improvement. Also, implement incredible ways to tackle the glaring issues. For instance, a leaking roof scares away potential buyers. The re-roofing services involve roof repairs or replacement. The seller can also include assistance from an inspection agent to check on the roof before and after repairing it. However, if the seller cannot afford to replace, they can negotiate for a lower price with the buyer. Other major repairs range from cracked walls, broken door locks, windows, faucets, misplaced shingles, scratched floors, asphalt driveway paving, water heater replacement, leaking roofs, and stained ceilings.

Upgrading Outdated Appliances

Today, the building of houses requires modern appliances. To attract numerous buyers and great prices, upgrade the outdated appliances such as doorknobs and handles of the cupboards, cabinets, and closets. Include modern features such as solar panels, bathroom remodeling, designer doors, steam shower, energy-saving bulbs, and the latest kitchen appliances. To attract young buyers, include features like a smart thermostat controlled by a smartphone.

Home Staging

A dirty and disorganized home is a turn-off to most buyers. In contrast, a clean home appeals to a countless number of buyers. Every home seller has to make an upfront preparation for a home showing. Choose a home staging procedure that suits your needs and simultaneously influences purchase. The home staging process includes cleaning, decluttering, painting, curb appeal, pest control, and getting rid of pets and kids’ items.

Deep Cleaning

‘Cleanliness is next to godliness.’ Every buyer wants a clean home with each item placed in the right place. Deep cleaning is a crucial staging process that attracts potential buyers if done right. It involves thorough washing of the toilet, scrubbing the bathroom, cleaning kitchen cabinets and bedroom closets, Wipe the door and windows surfaces. Ensure the whole interior is free from dirt and dust. Clean the furniture fabrics, cushions, and pillowcases. Also, replace an outdated cover to change its appearance. You can clean the carpets or replace more damaged carpets with new ones and more traffic areas using hardwood floors. On the exterior, use a pressure washer to carry out the cleaning process. Involve services from a reputable cleaning company to handle the deep cleaning procedure.


Decluttering process appears cumbersome at the beginning, but it gives a good impression of your home. Too many items such as clothes, photos, or other personal items make the house appear busy and untidy. Similarly, a clutter-free home gives an impression of a well-maintained home and encourages buyers to focus on the actual home. You can rent a temporary storage unit to keep all the duplicate items before selling your home. Get rid of personal decorations since people differ in taste and preference. Also, ensure the storage area is nearby to enhance more accessible transportation of your items. A spacious home attracts more sellers and appears ready for sale.


A little touch-up brightens your home and attracts more potential buyers. A fresh coat makes the home smells new and improves its appearance. However, people differ in color preference. Avoid using intense colors like purple, orange, or lime green; they might discourage a buyer. Make use of white, grey, or beige colors to create a neutral environment in your home. Also, wall painting covers the imperfection on the wall. Ensure you paint both the interior and exterior of the house. Also, purchase numerous light bulbs. Other people do not prefer the murals and wallpapers; it is essential to get rid of them before selling your home. You can apply a fresh coat to clear the imperfections caused by the wallpapers.

Curb Appeal

Landscaping is a vital factor in home staging. It gives the first impression of your home and influences incredible purchase decisions. Ensure the front yard looks impressive as possible. Freshening up the landscape and ensuring the new mulch standout improve the appearance of your home. You can achieve the curb appeal process through:

    • Keeping the grass short and tidy
    • Clearing the driveways and sidewalks
    • Reducing overgrown plants throughout
    • Clearing the bushes
    • Planting colorful flowers around the home

Fencing is also vital during home staging. Besides providing securities, it also increases the value of the property. Ensure you fix any broken fences or replace them in case they appear old or worn out.

Clear Kids and Pets Items

Does the buyer love pets? A home can have the best features, layout, and design but the pets’ odor may discourage the buyer. Pet keeping is not bad, albeit it does interest everyone. Some people have pet allergies, while other does not love them naturally. A potential buyer may walk away by just seeing a cat litter box in the corner of the house or smell the pet litter’s odor. Ensure you get rid of the pets’ belongings before the staging day. Surprisingly not everyone loves kids. It is essential to get rid of kids’ belongings like toys or clothes. Also, ensure the child is not present when the seller visited your home.
Moreover, every house has its unique smell, but the owner will not recognize it. You can always consider a second opinion from a real estate agent if the house has a pleasant smell or not. Also, clear the basement if it has a pet odor.

Implement Marketing Procedure

Every purchase requires proper marketing procedure. Today, the world is advanced, and most people depend on online networking. However, you should choose the best marketing procedure that attracts more extensive coverage. Advertise your home on various online channels and platforms like Facebook, Goggle, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Take advantage of cost-friendly or free online websites. Advertise using a high-quality photo of your home. You can hire an experienced photographer who can work on high-resolution images and produce top-rated images that not only look appealing but attract numerous buyers. Also, give a short and clear description of your house, including the features and amenities that suit buyers within your locality. Explain if the house is near the road, shopping center, restaurants, medical facility, or public transit; when marketing, ensure you have not overpriced or underpriced the house. When a home has lasted longer in the market with no potential buyer interested, you can improve the inspection report, marketing procedures, evaluate the price and carry out another staging procedure.

Time for Closing the Sale Deal

A closing obligation depends on various factors such as legal documents, the agreement between parties, and prices. A well-priced house or home with incredible features, layout, and designs attracts numerous purchase offers. In case of a low offer, always negotiate through counteroffers. You should also disclose to the buyer any known issues or defects through the seller disclosure form as a seller. The legal documents that the seller should carry along on the closing date include appliances warranties, tax documents, title deed reports, and insurance information.

Additionally, as per the agreement, the seller can make an upfront or later movement before the closing date. In case the seller moves out earlier, he/she can hand over the keys on the closing date. Also, consider working with a cost-friendly and reliable moving company. Both parties must attend the closing appointment to sign up the legal documents. The seller must clear the agent commission, fees, and taxes. After both parties have agreed, with assistance from the settlement agent, the closing procedure takes place. The agent prepares a new deed and ensures the seller receives the amount mostly through bank transactions and clears all the debts.

Have you decided to put that house on the market? Regardless of your intentions, you must go through the above steps to attract a comprehensive sale. The steps include knowing your house’s worth, handling the repairs and upgrading the outdated appliances, staging your home, marketing procedures, and following the legal sales procedure. Although most sellers tend to ignore the following procedures, they are vital for attracting solid offers from potential buyers. The process of selling a home entails a systematic approach to finding a suitable buyer who will meet your target. Plan accordingly, and everything will fall into its place hence making the selling process easier.

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