The Benefits of Terrazzo Flooring

Cost of terrazzo flooring

The American flooring industry employs an estimated 93,790 people and offers thousands of options to meet the style, taste, and budget of every homeowner. However, in spite of these high numbers of flooring professionals and available choices, it can often be difficult to find a type of flooring that not only fits the rest of your home, but also meets your needs for durability and easy cleaning. Fortunately, terrazzo floors, a classic flooring option known for its sturdiness, is regaining popularity, offering many homeowners a number of benefits. But what is terrazzo flooring?

Terrazzo is a type of flooring that was extremely popular during the 20th century and typically used for commercial and institutional buildings. Generally made by binding chips of marble and other flooring materials together with cement or epoxy, it is made in a wide array of different colors. Highly polished with a smooth finish, terrazzo flooring can be paired with almost anything, from marble bathroom counter tops to wooden kitchen cabinets. But more important is its durability: terrazzo flooring has an average lifespan of 75 years, making it the perfect flooring long-term flooring choice for even the busiest areas in your home. Moreover, terrazzo floors are also extremely easy to clean, requiring only sweeping and mopping as needed.

Terrazzo flooring is becoming an increasingly popular flooring choice in the United States, with the cement mason and terrazzo worker industry expected to increase by 29% from 2012 to 2022. In that same time period, an estimated 41,700 cement masons and terrazzo workers are expected to join the industry. If you’re looking for an easy to clean, durable, and beautiful flooring option that will complement anything from your marble bathroom counter tops or kitchen cabinets, ask one of your local terrazzo flooring contractors for some terrazzo flooring samples to see if this flooring type is right for your home. Find more on this here.

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