The Growth Of Today’s Industries Why Welding Is Progressing Almost Too Fast To Keep Up

Some industries move faster than others.

Some see relatively steady growth year after year, such as the field of hardscaping, baking and independent breweries. Others are in such high demand it’s difficult to keep up, such as dental hygienists and physical therapists. When it comes to welding? One of the fastest growing industries in the United States as we know it is the vast field of welding, soldering and brazing. The U.S. Labor Of Statistics has released some interesting data on the desire for professionals good at repairing and welding, which stands to reason equipment industries are only going to follow suit.

Is your knowledge of the standard non sparking tool kit and pipe alignment clamp up to par? Find out below.

Welding And Manufacturing Is Always In Demand

The United States has remained one of the world’s biggest manufacturers for a while. According to recent data? This isn’t about to change anytime soon, even with major competitors starting to put a foothold in fields relating to production. More than 50% products in the country require welding at some point, with manufacturing being the most common result for this skill. One study even suggested as many as two out of three welding jobs are done at a manufacturing plant.

The Field Has Incredible Potential For Growth

It’s an exciting time to be an engineer, pipe fitter and plant owner. That’s because this field is only getting bigger and better. The U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics has estimated employment for welders, cutters, brazers and solderers to reach nearly 415,000 by 2024. The American Welding Society has specified there are over 500,000 welders working around-the-clock as we know it. When you invest in better pipe weld purging systems and purge monitors you prepare yourself for an influx of talent deserving of quality.

Saving Money Is Possible With Good Habits

The goal is to save money while providing the best possible product or service possible. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible to do. It’s estimated thousands of dollars are lost every single year by companies continuing to use old-fashioned and outdated methods to align their pipes and fittings. Not only is this ineffective in the long-term, it can actually cause products to wear out a lot faster than usual. This leaves workers frustrated, companies creating lackluster products and, worse of all, unhappy customers.

Pair The Right Materials With The Right Tools

Another way you can ensure your pipes and non magnetic tools last a long time is by using them for exactly what they were intended for. The two basic types of clamps for lifting sheet metal are the horizontal plate clamps and the vertical plate clamps. You also have five different types of alignment clamps on the market to cover every aspect of pipe and fitting alignment. If you have any doubts about the subtleties of your equipment, double-checking will go a long way in keeping your non sparking tool kit robust for the long haul.

Anticipating The Growth Of Manufacturing

The only way to keep up with demand is to make sure your equipment is used properly. This means an extensive knowledge of your standard non sparking tool kit, material handling equipment and MRI tools. Any good welder knows each material has its own tensile strength and unique quirks, which can be used to your benefit or your detriment depending on your knowledge. Beryllium copper is considered the hardest and the strongest of any copper alloy. Non-magnetic titanium is also 100% safe for use with sensitive bio-medical or diagnostic scanning equipment.

Some industries move fast. Others move more slowly. With welding progressing at a breakneck pace, your pipe alignment clamps need to be at their best at all times.
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