The Importance of Home Radon Testing

Radon is a highly dangerous gas that can cause lung cancer over time. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, according to the Surgeon General. The only way to ensure that your home does not have unsafe levels of radon is to have it tested.

There are different ways to test for radon in your home. While the idea that you have been exposed to radon can be frightening, it is important that you start testing for radon as soon as possible.

How Radon Enters the House

It is important to know how radon gas gets into your home so that you can have a better understanding of the testing process. The gas can get into your home through gaps in the walls or floors. It is also possible for radon to move through the soil around your home and be absorbed by the concrete.

Types of Radon Testing/h3>
There are three different options for radon testing that can give you a variety of insight into your home. Each type of testing method can give helpful raton test results that will inform you of the safety of your home.

To measure radon levels for anywhere between 2 days to 90 days, short term detectors can be used. For finding out the average concentration of radon for more than 90 days, long term tests are useful. There are also continuous radon tests that can give the average amount of radon in your home each day.

Who Performs Radon Gas Testing

When it comes to residential radon testing, you have the option of buying the testing methods yourself from radon agencies and other retailers or seeking a radon testing company. While both options have their pros and cons, using a professional for radon testing and inspection can be helpful if you find that you do have a high amount of radon in your home.

The Need for Radon Mitigation and Abatement Service

If you find that you do have a dangerous amount of radon in your home, you will need to contact a radon mitigation company to start the process of removing the radon from your home. This is where having used a radon testing contractor for the testing stage can be helpful, as you would already be using their services when the radon was found.

The indoor levels of radon can be reduced by more than 50 percent through the use of radon mitigation services. These radon levels can be lowered even more when the use of radon ventilation fans is added.

However you choose to go about your home radon testing, the most important thing is that you are getting the testing done. It is also vital that you follow through with a radon abatement service to ensure the health and safety of each person living in your home.

Now is the time to start looking into radon testing and researching a local radon mitigation company so that you are prepared in case you need to contact them. The sooner you are able to determine the level of radon in your home, the less your exposure to the gas will be.

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